Your smart health assistant.

Complete administrative tasks such as accessing your insurance, pay bills, and getting your medical records.

Your health history in your hands.

Even if you switch providers or insurance, your data is in your hands. Pluto collects your records in a single place so you have a complete picture.

Access. Connect. Get it Done.

Pluto takes the hassle out of organizing your medical tasks. Pluto can access your insurance, help pay bills, and get health information. We streamline your tasks. Your health in one place.

For patients, families, and caregivers.

Keep track of bills, meds, results, and notes. Pluto gives you complete access to your health history. We combine and analyze the data to help you manage your care. We'll also notify you when new items are ready to review.

Manage care for everyone in your family.

Pluto makes it easy to manage access, even if your family sees different providers or go to different hospitals. Create profiles for each member of your family. Share with caregivers or providers to get better care.

Data we can access: